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Connect with Your Inner Cacao
An Immersive, Transformational Journey with Cacao
Cartagena, Colombia
October 8-14, 2023

Our Intention

Our intention is to create a safe space to unlearn all the ways we’ve forgotten who we are through play, movement, and being fully present in our bodies and environments.

Every day we will explore and journey with  different themes connected to the elements using various healing modalities to bring more harmony to our body, the Earth, and our lifestyle. 

Music, dance, embodied movement, vocal activations, somatic and nervous system co-regulation,  sound healing, sacred ceremonies, nature hikes and truly becoming one with the beauty of this earth we get to call HOME will allow you to receive the healing you deserve.

This retreat is the perfect way to dive deeper into your Sacred Cacao practice with reverence but also play. Whether you are new to the path, or are a practitioner, this is an amazing opportunity for you to reclaim your joy, power, freedom with the loving guidance and support of Mama Cacao.  We hope the space will allow for deeper healing of both masculine and feminine energies to create the harmony we deserve in our world with the spirit of expansive love guiding us.

We will bridge the gap between luxury and spirituality because too often we are told those things cannot exist together.  The real luxury in life is freedom: Freedom to be with your True-Self.  This immersive experience is not intended to teach you something new, but rather bring you gently back to the real YOU who's always loved and guided you.

Has your heart been calling you back home?  


Has your inner child unkowingly been in the driver's seat of your life?  Are you ready to connect all the parts of you that need your love, first and foremost, to start living the most spectacular life possible for you? 

Join me in saying "YES" to the remembrance of who you truly are and have always been!

What The Retreat Includes

Early Bird Pricing

Ends July 31st
Total cost

Prices & Info

Early bird special - $2222 (Full Payment due before August 1, 2023)

Standard price - $2666 (Full Payment due before September 1, 2023)

*inquire directly for payment plan options*

$500 non-refundable deposit required to secure your spot. Installment plans available if required (only available for standard prices). Full payment due before September 8th. 


- accommodation (6 nights) shared rooms

- all meals and drinks

- all local excursions

- all transport from October 8 -14th after arriving in Cartagena

- in-house translator and security

- all workshops, ceremonies and experiences listed

- assistance booking flights and other activities before or after 

Not Included:

- international or domestic flights 

- travel insurance

- Transportation to and from Airport to retreat & return 


Day Tours


Mangrove Canoe Tour 

The canoe tour is about 1 1/2 hours with a guide that takes you through the natural mangroves. It’s in the nearby fishing village of La Boquilla. Experience the atmosphere of a place that has retained its Afro-Caribbean heritage from the days when the area was once a haven for freed slaves. 


Take in the unique surroundings of the waterways as you pass through bright tunnels formed by dense foliage overhead. See the fishermen pulling in their nets and keep your eyes peeled for the amazing animals native to the area. There are approximately 20 different herons and many other bird species.


Boat day: Explore the Islands of Cartagena 

Day will consist of stopping at several points in Isla Rosario/Isla Grande and Baru where you will get to enjoy the clear blue Caribbean waters.   A 45-minute boat ride to the first part of the islands, where you will have the opportunity to jump off and bathe in the warm water.  With more stops along the way you will enjoy different areas of the islands.  Cacao ceremony and Lunch at a private island included. 



We will be heading up the coast to the small Pueblo of Minca  which is situated in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Immerse yourself into the jungle and become one with nature in Minca!  We will be doing a nature hike up to the amazing Marinka Waterfalls. These are two sets of large jungle cascades situated amidst beautiful forest and offering a deep swimming pool, an onsite cafe, and a few giant hammocks.  Here we will connect with the water element and renew our energies. 


Do you need some time to slow down and reset? Are you craving to live your truth from your heart space? Maybe it’s as simple as re-balancing your energies to get back into the flow of play and frequency of joy? If you feel ready to step out of old patterns and begin living your best life fully integrated with wisdom, love and playfulness.


Come with us on this sacred plant journey to experience a truly deep healing, ceremonial experience to rest, reflect, connect and explore the wisdom that resides within you.  Let’s  nourish your nervous system, open your heart and connect with your creativity!

Ceremonial cacao is chocolate in its pure unrefined form, powerful yet gentle medicine to help you on your journey to well-being. She is a beautiful teacher and here to guide us find balance, joy, play and harmony.

We combine Daily Cacao Journey with Group workshops, Traditional ceremonies, Expressive movement and dance, Music and Connecting back with the elements of this beautify earth to access your inner Cacao wisdom and heal from a space of a well-rested body, a clear mind and an open, connected, playful heart.




Cartagena is a port city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. By the sea is the walled Old Town which is where we will be staying in a sophisticated private villa, complete with private security and chef.

This city is rich in culture and vibrancy, so our stay here will reflect the beauty of this town and its people.


While in Minca, we will take this unique opportunity to become one with nature in every way possible.  Our cabañas are nestled into the riverbed and will provide the perfect backdrop of our deep journey with the medicine of Cacao.  

We will explore the natural streams and hikes along the property while holding space for each other in a safe and serene container.

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