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Blindfolded Cacao Journey

Public and private Cacao Ceremonies with Shivi include drinking curated Cacao blends, Breath-work, Visualization Meditation, intuitive movement and expressive art creation. The use of blindfolds is optional, but allows for deeper exploration using the other senses to receive guidance from an open heart space.


Special events may also include an additional facilitator to offer Sound Healing

Corporate Cacao Workshops

Created for corporate events and workplace environments, this workshop offers a holistic and accessible approach to addressing employee well being, creating authentic rapport amongst team members, and unblocking creativity to optimize productivity from a place of YES.

These workshops are designed to enhance team building and team bonding opportunities. In the post Covid world, many of your employees have committed to living and working in alignment with their purpose, so allow me to bring a little heart opening and authentic goal setting practices to your workplace.

Cacao is an excellent facilitator for group work, team-building, and brainstorming. It truly is the best co-creation facilitator by far! As egos quieten and insights flow, there is less stress, more harmony, fewer individual discordant agendas, more connection with the work, and more cooperation with others.


Workshop includes: Cacao beverage (which promotes mental/emotional wellbeing), Breathing techniques, Intention setting, intuitive movement and Guided meditation.


THINGS TO NOTE: Cacao Ceremonies and Workshop can also be scheduled as a private individual or group session.

All Ceremonies and Workshops run 2- 3 hours.

1:1 Transformational and Soul Integration Coaching

TRANSFORMATIONAL AND SOUL INTEGRATION (TSI) COACHING Note: Coaching Sessions are available both remotely or in person

TSI Coaching is a one on one series of Life Coaching sessions, in which Sacred Alignment with oneself is emphasized along with soul purpose identification and integration.


Shivi combines tools from her years of experience in Life Coaching, ceremony facilitation, plant medicine integration, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, and somatic and nervous system co-regulation to support her clients in moving beyond the worry, fear and doubt that is blocking potential so that they learn how to trust their inner guide and deepest instincts fully.


Her clients find this coaching container to be a helpful tool of continuous integration with Life and their journey. Generally sessions are one hour in length and take place 1-4 times per month, at the client’s discretion.



in person Session: $200/hour

remote Session (phone or Zoom): $150/hour

Full QHHT-past life regression session: $650


Plant Medicine Integration

My deepest and most challenging journey's have happened with the loving guidance of plant medicine. Through these experiences, I have learned that the most vital part of the journey is integration, which ultimately helps you instill the wisdom you derive from your ceremonies in your everyday reality, allowing you to align with your inner truth and discover a deep sense of connection, vitality, love, and wholeness. Yet, integration can be daunting when painful memories come rushing back and unsettling emotions emerge; you may discover unknown aspects of yourself that could be challenging to reconcile or struggle to implement important changes into your life. With guidance and compassionate support, integration can become more profound and manageable, helping you navigate your life with more ease, clarity, and awareness. Integration sessions are shaped by your unique needs, with practical tools, experiential practices, and intuitive support provided to deepen your healing journey.

Sessions may involve:

  • Exploration and interpretation of the lessons, symbolic content, and emerging insights processing, accessing, and understanding challenging emotions. 

  • Identifying and shifting negative beliefs, old patterns, and limiting selfconcepts. 

  • Body-centered practices to release traumatic imprints. 

  • Cultivating resources to relieve distress, navigate life & redefine priorities

  • Aligning insights, intentions, vision, and new perspectives with inspired action.


1:1 Leadership Alignment Coaching

This container is designed specifically with the intention of being the Coach for Executives I deserved during my 15+ year journey in corporate America.

STOP striving for balance and start embracing the idea of harmony in your work & life. As a former C-Level executive, quota bearing sales manager and sales trainer, I know we are not always supported in the same way we are incentivized. Whether you're a senior executive looking to be a more whole-hearted leader or an entrepreneur looking to scale your business, I will help you recognize the voice from within that has always led you to every success already.

Here are some of the tools, practices, and lessons I utilize to help you live the life you truly want:

  • Limiting Beliefs: Reprogram a mindset anchored in fear-based thinking and hustle mentality.

  • Practice Surrender: Learn to go with the flow and recognize your own guidance. Co-Creation: How to manifest the life you want with intention.

  • Decision Making: Learn how to listen for and trust your heart guidance.

  • Soul Purpose: Proven, approach to uncovering your soul purpose

  • Imposter Syndrome: Tackling a lack of confidence and self-worth. Understanding these source wounds and co-healing with your inner child.

  • Values-based leadership: Identify, actualize and lead from your deepest values.

  • Overcome scarcity mindset: Make your decisions from a place of worth and abundance. How would you approach your business if you've already succeeded?

Private Events

Dream it.  Claim it. Let's do it.

Cacao is a safe and gentle plant spirit that allows you to receive joy and abundance with an open heart.

Where in your life can you use a little more heart centered interactions and experiences?  Birthday, baby showers, girls night it, mens circles, any and all things are possible when your intentions and clear and guided.

Let's chat about your next big event and see how we can incorporate the spirit of cacao along with Breathwork, dance, art and anything else your soul is calling for...

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